MIX’06: newtellivision 1.1 in the works…

1 minute read

I am putting the finishing touches on the next revision of newtellivision today. The code base, including a revision to my REST/POX extensions, is updated for the February CTP of WinFX/WCF and there are several fixes for the Windows Media Player experience.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will succeed showing recorded and live TV beamed straight from my home server here in Meerbusch, Germany (the number of possible peripheral points of failure regarding available bandwidth, network, routers, cable signal, etc. are astomishing, considering the "demo effect") at the MIX conference in Las Vegas, at my session at 3pm on Monday, March 20.

The updated code-base will be available before the session. The PowerPoint deck for the session is fun. There's lot see and hear. If you are coming to MIX or if you know someone who is coming to MIX come or tell them to go. Indigo, err, the Windows Communication Foundation is more committed to the "Web 2.0" story than you might know.

[Oh, and Germany is playing the USA in a football (soccer) friendly on Wednesday in Dortmund, Germany just when MIX winds down. That's precisely the use-case for my app ;-) ] 


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