newtellivision MIX Build

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Below are the newtellivision bits for the February CTP that I am showing today at the MIX'06 conference.

This also contains the newest revision of the (BSD licensed) REST/POX Service Model extensions, which can used standalone.

Mind that the Windows Media Player experience has been thrown off its feet by an unintended side-effect of the recent KB911565 Windows Media Player security hotfix. So if you are running the WMP experience and you cannot click anything, temporarily uninstalling that hotfix will solve the problem. The issue is that script-generated <a onclick=""> tags in HTML will not fire the onclick event and I am using quite a few of those. Just haven't had to time to finda good workaround that doesn't make the HTML entirely awkward. (930.95 KB) (701.65 KB)

Mind that the newtellivision application is for non-commercial use only. If you are interested in working with newtelligence regarding commercial licenses or commercialization in general, write email to


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