"TeilDas" App.

I'm building a *minimal* mobile app that supports the "share" feature of iOS and Android or can capture a picture or a bit of text. "Send" sends a plain HTTP POST w/ text or image and an optional "Title" header to a configured HTTPS URL.

I'll be integrating this with my blog site and it's meant to allow me to get content snippets off the phone onto the blog as quickly as I can w/ Twitter.

As a "DasBlog" companion, the app is called "TeilDas!" ("share this!", in German; "teil" is pronounced like "tile")

AuthZ is using a trivially verifiable token that leans on the same model Azure uses for Shared Access tokens.

The app will be compatible with any web backend that can handle HTTP POST and can validate a HMACSHA256 signed token against a key name and key it holds.

I haven't found a minimal app of that sort for iOS/Android that is free and OSS. If someone knows one, I might drop the work here and just use it :)

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