Jan 4, 2023

The Republican party is now two parties. A conservative party in one wing, and a right-wing fascist party in the other wing. It would be good for America for them to realize that by splitting for good. 

By now, Tesla is just another EV car maker with an ageing lineup that has fancy entertainment systems. As such, it's still massively overvalued compared to, say, Volkswagen group, which ships well over 4-times as many vehicles as Tesla. Add Elon's antics to that and that accelerates the slide of the stock.


High alarm at Google justified if true 

Change the world or go home.


Trump filibustering a video crew with Diet Coke.

Mehr PzH 2000. Bei der Industrie müssen die Produktionslinien wieder anlaufen, auch für anderes schweres Gerät.

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