Testing, testing ... MailToWeblog thread

Three minutes ago I was thinking "Theoretically, this entry should show up on my blog, in the 'Blog' category, in three minutes" and if you can see this, it did actually work.

I just deployed the first iteration of the last bigger chunk of work that I planned to do on the blogging software (for which we found a new name, meanwhile and you can find it at the bottom of the page). I can now send mail to a POP3-account, which the blogging engine watches. It will not only pick up the text, but will also extract and store any embedded pictures and attachments and link them to the entry. If this here works properly on the actual site, the only little thing I still need to do is to clean up the content for "text/html" so that only the stuff between the <body> tags is emitted into the entry.

This is a little document icon, which I added "as picture" in Outlook:

And here's the footer if it's attached as file:

Download: document.gif