This was a fun week, really. Last week I was mostly at home and spent quite a bit of time (on the balcony, in the sun) refactoring BlogX and adding new features "offline". This week I tested and stabilized things using the online version, upgrading to a new build at least twice a day here at the office. I am quite happy with it. It's really cool playing with the stuff now. I think I am going to set up an additional, different blog just to play around with the features. But until now I needed your referrals and pingbacks and so on.

During this week I also thought about the naming issue, because -- as I pointed out before -- there's not much left of the original BlogX code base now and to limit confusion the thing had to get a different name (ChrisAn still gets proper credit in every single source file, of course). I had about two dozen ideas and it turned out that all of them were already taken either by some software or someone's personal blog and I also didn't want to hijack any of these names. So, I went for a very simple (sort-of) German variant: "Das Blog". So, it's "newtelligence DasBlog 1.0" now.

Some time this weekend, my buddy Stephen Forte is going to get a copy (he's the guinea-pig) and if he's happy with it, I'll check the stuff into a new GotDotNet workspace and then additionally post a web installer (that sets up a basic site) and an installer for the source tree by next week.

The feature-delta to BlogX as of now: Rendering using original templates from Radio, Pingback client/server, Trackback client/server, File-uploads, Picture uploads, web-based DTHML editor, Mail-To-Weblog with attachment and embedded pictures support, pick-up of referrals from redirects (from old blogs), mail notifications for pingbacks, trackbacks, and referrals on the permalink, refactored and streamlined access to the backend, safer file handling, subtitles, experimental Atom syndication support, per-item comment RSS files and "some other changes". I think I need force myself to work on documentation now and stop adding features.