My first of two sessions this week here at TechEd is on Thursday, at 2:45pm in room 153ABC on "Designing Bindings and Contracts".

I realize that the title sounds a bit abstract and a different way to put this would be "How to choose the correct bindings and what to consider about contracts in a variety of architectual scenarios", but that would have been a bit long as a title. in the talk I'll explain the system-defined bindings that we ship in the product so that we've got stuff to work with and then I'll get out the tablet pen and draw up a bunch of scenarios and how our bindings (read: communication options) make sense in those. What's the best choice for N-Tier inside and outside of the corporate perimeter, what do you do for queueing-style apps, how do you implement volatile or durable 1:1 pub/sub, how do you implement broadcasts and where do they make sense, etc.