TechEd US: CSI360/CSI359 demo code.

1 minute read

Here’s the raw, not really well documented code drop with the sample and framework code for my CSI360 and CSI359 talks here at TechEd US. The talks are today at 5pm (CSI360 – Asynchronous Messaging) and on Thursday at 1:30pm (CSI359 – Handling Transaction Abort Cases). As soon as I find time, I’ll document the framework classes a bit better here on the blog. The archive contains, amongst other things, a WSE channel and a WebRequest/WebResponse set that lets you use MSMQ as an alternate transport for WSE and/or ASMX. It also has the complete queue listener code for the messaging series I posted some months ago.

My blogging backlog is ridiculous. In the past weeks I’ve crossed the Atlantic several times (with one quick trip to Singapore in addition to that), had some crazy “one city per day” trips and had to meet deadlines for whitepapers, articles, and presentations. I guess I travel too much. From here (Orlando,FL) I will fly straight to the Pakistan Developer Conference in Karachi (about 24 hours, via Amsterdam and Dubai) and then back home. If all goes well, I’ll be at home for 2 weeks. That’s a first for this year, I think.



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