TechEd Malaysia Day 2 (Day 1 for me)

1 minute read

Although we had an excessive first night here in Kuala Lumpur (getting strangers drunk on arrival seems to be some sort of tradition around here), that wasn't the reason for me showing up 15 minutes late for my first talk about "Building Distributed .NET Applications" this morning at 9:00am (then 9:15am) here at TechEd Malaysia. The notification about session slot change somehow either just didn't find its way into my inbox or it fell victim to the Sobig.F mail sweeping. Whatever happened... it seems all people in a full room did indeed patiently wait for me while I rushed from the hotel to the session room. Thank you! Being late to a session at a conference was definitely a (bad) "first" for me and is doubleplusungood to happen to a German. The session ended up going really well and I will post the related samples tomorrow together with the sample for the session on aspects.

The second session was a fun chalk talk with Tim Huckaby about the same topic area. As the lead example for a loosely-coupled, distributed system I used dasBlog and its interactions with other blog engines and moved on to explain how the architectural mesaures taken there could be used for more "traditional" enterprise software scenarios. Core message: asynchronous is good!


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