(This post has been written by my coworker Eric Lam who pulled this all together – he wrote it as an email to the team – I’m just ripping that off)

NuGet (http://www.nuget.org/) is an open source package manager for .NET started by Microsoft. For some context there is a really good TechEd talk here.

1. Unless you have it (for instance as a side-effect of installing ASP.NET MVC3), get NuGet installed (it’s an VS extension) from here 
2. Right click on the project you want to add Service bus support to and select “Add Library Package Reference”


3. The NuGet manager will show up, and search for “AppFabric”, which will show all our AppFabric packages available right now (note: Cache is there too!)


4. Click install, and that’s it! The package do a number of things

  • Copy Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll and Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.dll to your local project directories
  • Add the references to your project
  • If you have a App.Config and/or Web.Config, it will add the necessary WCF bindings/extensions for project consumption.

Some things to note for the package:

  • The packages require the projects to use the .Net 4.0 Full Profile (Client profile doesn’t work).
  • For sample code you will need to install it on a C# Console Application project.
  • This is only available for the CTP right now, not yet for the production SDK.

Let us know if you have any feedback or comments.