Torek/Tuesday 24.5.

Uvodno predavanje za razvijalce: .NET and Windows Azure, a match made in the cloud – 08:30-09:30 – Europa A+C

Developer track keynote, together with Karl Davies-Barrett.

Windows Azure AppFabric: Building, Managing, and Connecting High-Density, Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications – 09:45-11:00 – Europa D 

Windows Azure AppFabric is Microsoft’s next-generation middleware application platform in the cloud, providing access control with federated identity, high-density, multi-tenant component-hosting, caching services, on-premise connectivity, rich publish/subscribe messaging, and integration services. In this session, Clemens Vasters, an Architect on the AppFabric product team at Microsoft will provide an overview of the AppFabric services that are already commercially available and the new services that Microsoft will bring to market until the end of this year.

Messages and Messaging – 15:45-17:00 – Emerald 2

As we were working on creating the API for Queues and Topics inside the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus team, we had a set of diverging opinions on what the message format should be. Some of us (Clemens, the speaker of this session, included) argued that the message format and object-model should be the same as the one for WCF – some argued that the message should be specific to Queues and Topics. As we were having those discussions it occurred to us that the same kind of debate was happening in synchronous messaging with the grand and protracted war of REST vs. SOAP. And as we started thinking about the parallels it because fairly clear that we were indeed having the exact same debate. In this session Clemens will discuss the findings, the outcome of our debate on the subject, and an analysis of why those debates even exist – which will hopefully enable you to make better decisions on what API abstraction level you want to buy into for your applications.


Sreda/Wednesday, 25.5.

Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus: Messaging, Pub/Sub, and Connectivity in and through the Cloud – 16:00-17:00 – Europa C

Service Bus is the messaging and connectivity fabric of Microsoft’s Windows Azure AppFabric cloud-middleware platform. Service Bus provides endpoint-federation for Web services across network boundaries and topologies with NAT and Firewall traversal today and will, in the near future, also provide rich decoupled messaging services with publish/subscribe capabilities. In this presentation, Clemens Vasters, an Architect on the AppFabric product team at Microsoft will provide an overview of Service Bus as it is currently available for commercial use and will provide a detailed outlook on the new Service Bus features that will become available over the course of this year.