Radio Exodus

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newtelliblog. Seems like a lot of people are leaving Radio behind are are using other blogging tools. While I like Radio for what it does, it shouldn't take much longer and I'll be leaving as well.

I've got the core SQL store for a weblog centric "content system" almost feature complete; an extensible aggregation NT service that can read from RSS, RDF and Exchange web stores and which spits out the aggregated content via a pub/sub interface is already running; the rendering engine ("downwards compatible" with Radio design templates) is working and sits on top of ASP.NET and spits out RSS 2.0 feeds; the client tool looks a bit like MSN messenger and allows remote management via Web services as well as offline postings and already has the all-essential tiny HTTP server listening on port 5335 to catch clicks on Radio coffee-mugs.

And of course, it's all built on "dogfood". The Enterprise Services utilities, some of my Web services extensions, attribute-driven state management, JITA pooling and all that. So that noone can ever say we're not using our own stuff ;)


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