If you look at the bottom of the webpage of this posting (at least at the time of this posting), you'll see that this is now running on build 1.1.3218. The CSS styles of the templates here haven't been updated fully, so the calendar on the right is a bit ugly and I have disabled all other themes for the moment.

If you compare this (rss.xml at my old Radio weblog) and this (the RSS feed here), you'll notice that they're synchronized now. (Welcome back to my blog to all those folks still subscribed to the Radio feed)

This here :-D was typed as colon-dash-caps-D and is converted to an image link when rendered to the website using a simple content filter. All of you reading this through an aggregator will say "really?!", because all you'll see is colon-dash-caps-D. I don't want all that traffic for the images coming this way.  ;)