Out of here....

I am taking a week off and will drive up north towards the sea. Computer stays behind. I need a break. Will be back on Saturday and then pack up to go to Dubai and Tunis (for the North Africa Developers Conference) and then to Barcelona for TechEd Europe, which is surely going to be the event highlight of the year. I give five talks in Barcelona, including a chalk talk together with my very newtelligent colleagues:

Chalk Talk: Gotchas from porting DNA to .NET (CHT012)
Speakers: Clemens Vasters, Achim Oellers, Joerg Freiberger 
+ 2 July 2003, 08:30h

Microsoft® .NET Web Services Internals : I Didn't Know You Could Do That!  (WEB404) 
+ 2 July 2003, 18:15h

Loose Coupling an Serialization Patterns : The Holy Grail of Service Design  (WEB400)
+ 3 July 2003, 10:00h

Layers and Tiers (DEV387)
+ 3 July 2003, 18:15h

Aspect-Oriented Programming (DEV359)
+ 4 July 2003, 16:00h