Hitting the road again...

I didn't take the notebook and didn't even cheat last week (no Internet Cafes, no hidden PocketPC, etc).

I went to a small sea resort at the Baltic Sea in one of the "new" states in the eastern part of Germany. The average age of the tourists there seemed to be about 65 and hence there was no danger of wild partying, which was indeed a Good Thing. I stayed there for three days and then went to see the sights of some cities "up north" on a lazy two day trip back home (it'd usually take me about 8 hrs of driving). I went to Wismar and Schwerin, places around Lübeck and also did the essential touristy thing in Hamburg by taking a boat tour through the seaport (which is the 2nd largest in Europe). I haven't been too much to our eastern states in recent years and it's great to see how the visible differences between "the East" and "the West" have vanished for the most part and that what's left are just normal regional differences. All in all it was a week that most people would probably call "horribly boring" :)

Today's travel destination is Dubai -- now again with a notebook and using the time on plane to prep for tomorrow's event ;)