If I were really good at writing about life, love, happiness and tragedy, weird relationships, drama, grand obstacles, successes and defeats, and all those sudden unexpected turns and twists that a story could possibly have, and I had been willing to share what went on with and around me in real life in the last six months -- my blog would now have an entirely different audience and I could easily sell the movie rights by now. So the actual reason why you haven't seen much happening here is simply that a dramatic surge in "personal life activity" (no, not starting at "no life") took over the "blogging timeslice" and had, frankly, some adverse effects on my work morale at times. The good news is that there is definitely light at the end of that tunnel and the better news (for you as a reader) is that this place here won't be as quiet as it has been in the recent months. I've got some interesting stuff cooking.