We love WS-* as much as we do love Web-Style services. I say "Web-style", full knowing that the buzzterm is REST. Since REST is an architectural style and not an implementation technology, it makes sense to make a distinction and, also, claiming complete RESTfulness for a system is actually a pretty high bar to aspire to. So in order to avoid monikers like POX or Lo-REST/Hi-REST, I just call it what it what this is all about to mere mortals whose don't have an advanced degree in HTTP Philosophy: Services that work like the Web - or Web-Style. That's not to say that a Web-Style service cannot be fully RESTful. It surely can be. But if all you want to do is GET to serve up data into mashups and manipulate your backend resources in some other way, that's up to you. Anyways....

Tomorrow at 10:00am (Session DEV03, Room Delfino 4101A), our resident Lo-REST/Hi-REST/POX/Web-Style Program Manager Steve Maine and our Architect Don Box will explain to you how to use the new Web-Style "Programmable Web" features that we're adding to the .NET Framework 3.5 to implement the server magic and the service-client magic to power all the user experience goodness you've seen here at MIX.

Navigating the Programmable Web
Speaker(s): Don Box - Microsoft, Steve Maine
Audience(s): Developer
RSS. ATOM. JSON. POX. REST. WS-*. What are all these terms, and how do they impact the daily life of a developer trying to navigate today’s programmable Web? Join us as we explore how to consume and create Web services using a variety of different formats and protocols. Using popular services (Flickr, GData, and Amazon S3) as case studies, we look at what it takes to program against these services using the Microsoft platform today and how that will change in the future.
If you are in Vegas for MIX, come see the session. I just saw the demo, it'll be good.