It's a 0.1 version! Don't expect miracles! Here's the C# wizard for ASP.NET Soap Extensions. What works: It'll generate a compiling SoapExtension that will exactly do nothing. However, the code should have all the hooks to get started. What doesn't work: (a) You need to click on "Application Options" once to initialize the settings correctly. (b) I haven't had the time to test all option combinations. (c) Any project name that isn't a single word will likely cause the wizard to create garbage. (d) The namespace from the project settings page isn't picked up. (e) Probably several bugs in the template code. Purpose: Demonstrates that custom stuff can be plugged into VS.NET. Makes creating full SOAP Extensions a bit easier and helps understanding how they are built. What to do with it: If you need adjustments, poke around in the wizard's templates\1033 subdir. How to install: Unpack the archive, read the readme.txt. It's just three steps. Unpack an archive, copy one file, edit one file. Once that's done, start VS.NET and try. And as always: It may just not work for you. If that's the case, mail me.