Rebecca Dias from Microsoft asked us to do a bit of work for her team and write a demo app for TechEd 2004. As things happen and being the serious German engineers we are, it just turned out to be a little too serious, little too big to be useful as a “and now here’s a bit of code!” demo app for TechEd (U.S.).

What we’ve built is a very serious service-oriented application and your feedback will contribute to the final decision about how Microsoft is going to make the application and code available to you. What’s already clear is that I will do a TechEd Europe talk that will cover the most important architecture and technology choices made for the application. Unfortunately the decision to have such a talk came too late to squeeze it into the TechEd U.S. agenda. Come to Amsterdam, TechEd Europe isn’t sold out, yet.

Comment on Rebecca’s blog entry here and let her know whether you rather like little samples like Duwamish or a full-blown SOA system that you can stick your head into for a week.