I am currently writing an article for a magazine about dasBlog and I am also covering a bit of the history of RSS and similar formats. While looking up some links on Google, I stumbled over a blog entry by Don Box that I hadn’t read or which at least didn’t stick.

Don had an outrageously retro idea back in May of which I understood the complete coolness only today. The reason why that didn’t click earlier for me until today was likely that Don simply didn’t use the right picture to go with that blog posting. So, Don, as a special service from a friend I’ll do that for you here:

Subscribe to Don Box’ Active Channel
Add Active Channel

Even if there’s a chance that someone (from the Windows shell team, maybe?) is going to hate me for it, I firmly plan to add Active Channel and even Active Desktop support to the next revision of dasBlog; every copy of Windows with IE4.0 or later has built in support for the exact stuff that Weblogs are. Let’s just use that.

(Update: I just noticed that I must have been living under a rock in May)