It seems that Dare Obasanjo is getting ready to switch off the lights over in the BlogX workspace on GotDotNet or at least is about to drop the existing BlogX code base for good and replace it with the current build of dasBlog. In this comment here on this blog Dare is also hinting at moving all of the Microsoft blogger blogs on GotDotNet from BlogX to dasBlog.

I swear! A hostile takeover of BlogX wasn't part of the plan! It just happened! 

What's still an open discussion point is whether we'll have a logical second of synchronization between the two projects and from there, the newly dasblogged BlogX will move on its own while dasBlog will remain the cozy little project that it is or whether Dare will bring all of his 338 friends over to the dasBlog workspace.

Indepent of how that's going, both projects or the merged project will be under stricter project management than before. For instance, BlogX suffered massively from files being checked out for weeks or months. If that'd happen in the dasBlog workspace, it'd have a member less.