COM Is Love.

Disagree? Stop reading.

Agree? Still feel it? Well, I just learned that there's a very unique way you can show your love for COM. Own it!

Own it? Yes, I'm completely not kidding. We've got an open position for a Program Manager to own COM+, DCOM, RPC, the WCF/COM Integration, System.EnterpriseServices and all the future goodness that we're going to stick into Longhorn Server and future versions of Windows to keep COM going and make it increasingly integrated with all the goodness that we're working on for the future of distributed systems in the years to come. COM dead? Pfft. 

If you are interested and have difficulties figuring out how to work the job web page (that is the preferred way, however) send me a mail with your resume to clemensv at And mind that my email address just serves as a proxy here so be as serious as you would be about applying for a job with someone whose blog you don't read...