“Why you want to use Enterprise Services …”

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Why you want to use Enterprise Services for your .NET applicationPart 1: IntroductionPart 2: Basic Architectural Considerations and the benefits of Processes and Process Models  Part 3: Managing limited and expensive resourcesMr. Miller and the Data-Center (Parental Advisory: May contain ironic sequences, dramatizations, mild simplifications for educational purposes). Meet Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller's job is to run a "pilot" .NET web-portal project that lets insurance clients and agents submit claims over the web, buy products and do some limited self-management and analysis of their current contracts portfolio. As with many major insurers, most of the actual data lives in an mainframe system and pretty much all business logic is implemented there, because ... it is that way (for many good current and historical reasons). So once he's getting to the mainframe integration part of his planning efforts, he picks up the phone and calls Mr. Petterson, who's managing the data center ....  


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