Whenever you start thinking stuff is stable, it turns out that it is not the case. I am trying to implement a WS-Eventing compliant service and of course I ran into the issue that that specification sits on the August 2004 edition (and W3C submission) of WS-Addressing while WSE 2.0 sits on the March 2004 edition of WS-Addressing. To implement WS-Eventing correctly, I would now have to write a WS-Adressing implementation parallel to the one existing in WSE 2.0, because - of course - the August 2004 edition sports a new namespace and has a subtly different schema. Unfortunately, the March 2004 edition of WS-Addressing  is so fundamental for WSE 2.0 that routing and security and everything would sit on the March version while my own eventing functionality and nothing else would ride on the August version at the same time and in the same message. Of course that seems just totally wrong.  WSE 2.1, please!