WCF Goes To Hollywood.

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Cool. I hadn't even seen this demo until now, even though we already have it for a while. Our technical evangelist Craig McMurtry posted the "Digital Fortress" demo, which is an implementation of the computer systems that play major roles in Dan Brown's novel "Digital Fortress". There are several reasons why I find this demo interesting and pretty amusing.

First of all, it has a "Hollywood-Style UI", which is funny. It's got the huge full-screen login screen with a "sort-of-looks-like-the-NSA" logo, a big count-down clock and a "control screen" (below) with the gratuitous graphics and big buttons one might expect. The other thing that's very interesting is that it is a management tools demo (of all things). The key to bust the evil conspiracy is to trace suspicious network activity across many nodes on the network and the script packaged with the demo shows you how to get that done using the built-in WCF tracing facilities. Download.



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