The request below has been handed to me by the BizTalk team here at Microsoft. If you have programmed in WCF, happen to be at or around the Microsoft Redmond campus at that time and want to help out, send an email until this Friday to uccoord at with the subject line "BizTalk Usability Study" to sign up:



Microsoft is conducting research on BizTalk Server, and are seeking Developers who have a working knowledge of this product and WCF.  If you are a current BizTalk Developer, with WCF experience, the team would like to invite you to participate in this research. 


Studies are currently being scheduled for Monday Oct 30 through Friday Nov 3, 2006 in Redmond, WA.  Each study will be scheduled at your convenience and will run approximately 2 hours.  This is a unique opportunity to provide feedback on the adapter creation process in BizTalk.  


Your input and participation is extremely valuable that helps ensure that your needs are met when interacting with BizTalk and WCF. If scheduled for a usability study, you will receive a retail software product selection for your time and feedback.  Some of the items include Office Pro and VisualStudio.NET