Crazy Travel Times. I am going to be traveling almost every weekday and some weekends until June (!). There are a few weekdays sprinkled across my schedule that I'll take off at home, but all in all, my schedule is entirely packed. There's even stretches of two or three weeks where I'll be home or near home only long enough to switch suitcases.

But not only for me, but also for Patricia, who's working at her cast iron engineering family business (GVA Krefeld) travel time starts tomorrow. They're in a serious hardware business. (The "slag pot" on the right is one of their products. Everything less than 10 metric tons of cast steel seems to be peanuts for them.)

She's going on once-around-the-world trip to South and North America, Oceania and SE Asia. And, of course, our trips in the next 3-4 months will overlap in a way that sometimes one of us will be just gone when the other comes back. Still, we shouldn't be complaining, it's still very exciting to travel!