I've long wanted to write an architecture book. The problem with books is that writing them robs you of at least half a year of your life, and that half a year is a very painful one. I've done it. So instead of a book, I talked to the folks at Pluralsight and made an on-demand video course.  

"The Elements of Distributed Architecture" is about the foundational elements of distributed architecture and about the ‘physics’ that affect distributed software designs. The goal of this course, which is designed to be independent of specific languages, technologies, and products, is to provide software teams with a shared baseline of concepts and terminologies in the areas of information management, communication, presentation, processing, failure management, security, and safety.

I think of this course as a baseline and there's plenty of runway for more in-depth material. If you like this one that will give me motivation to spend more private time (this course is not related to my Microsoft job) to create architectural material.  

If you don't have a Pluralsight account, you can sign up for the free trial here