Wow. I am so happy to be back home. Not because of TechEd, but because of the Football (sic!) World Cup TV coverage over in the U.S. (luckily I have my TV everywhere solution which made it less of a problem). I wholeheartedly agree with comments around the web on how bad the commentators are. They have no idea of the game, keep chatting and chatting and chatting cluelessly without giving anyone a break. Seems they are paid by words spoken. Adding to the misery are the annoying black score and advertising bars and the news scroll on the bottom of the screen on ESPN2 and occasional huge graphics inserts that obscure a third of the screen -- and the game.

Of course, if NBC had the rights, they would - if the experience with the Olympic Games coverage on their network were any indicator - show all games with a 3 hour time delay and only in a 20 minute summary and would add 60 minutes of reports about how the players have overcome hardships like smelly feet, great-grandma's untimely departure 5 months before the games, the common cold or maybe even Ebola.