The EMEA “Microsoft Longhorn Developer Preview” Tour dates start rolling in

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I am very much looking forward to the “EMEA Microsoft Longhorn Developer Preview Tour” that’s going to happen in a very dense 3 week stretch in late January / early February 2004. I feel honored to have been invited again to present the highlights of the PDC on a speaking tour throughout Europe (as in 2002) with David Chappell and an excellent group of Microsoft EMEA technical evangelists (Lester Madden, Nigel Watling, and Hans Verbeeck). We are going to be in 13 countries within 3 weeks – or 15 workdays. I will post links to the individual country’s event sites as I learn about them. In one day, we’ll take you through the best of Longhorn, WinFS, Avalon, the Visual Studio Whidbey release and Indigo (my part). If you weren’t at PDC, you should go. If you were at PDC, you should still go just to hear David speak. :-D

Here’s the first event I know the official site of. The Developer and ITPro days in Belgium are, however, much bigger than “just” our tour. We’ll be there on the second day (Feb 11th), but there’s a very exciting program on the first day already and the array of speakers is nothing less than impressive. (I just wonder why some of the speakers look like lizards right now)

Developer and ITPro Days 2004. February 10th-11th 2004, Ghent, Belgium. I’ll be there.



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