The TechEd Europe session search tool starts to reveal what I am up to in Amsterdam ...

CTS308 Building Proseware, Inc. – a non-trivial service-oriented system (just me)

Proseware, Inc. is an online bookseller. A big one. They have warehouses all over Europe, have millions of customers, sell millions of different items and process tens of thousands of orders every day. So imagine they came around to you and asked you to build a system for them. What would you do? In this session, we explain what we would do and what we did. The Proseware Services Demo consists of 14 autonomous, collaborating services, designed with best-practice architecture principles and implemented on Windows Server 2003. Proseware leverages the power of technologies such as Enterprise Services, ASP.NET Web Services, the Microsoft Message Queue, Microsoft Web Services Enhancements 2.0 to implement a large scale, robust, secure and scalable service oriented system that shows how all these technologies can be put to work effectively and that reflects the complexity of real-life enterprise applications.

And this is going to be great fun, too:

ARC230 The Nerd, the Suit and the Fortune Teller (sharing the stage with Pat Helland and Rafal Lukawiecki)

Object Orientation promised to deliver us from all IT evil and to ensure longevity and reuse of software. With today’s business requirements changing faster than it takes to compile an application and an ever-present call for integration, even that approach does not seem to work. However, it seems that Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Operational Service Orientation of IT departments (MOF, ITIL), Service-Based Interoperability (WS-Guidelines) and Service-Based User Interfaces (messenger, wizards) are quietly converging onto a new paradigm in IT. For the lack of a better name, we call it “Service Oriented Convergence”. Come to this session and see if this concept has any merit and value to you. Rather than endure a typical PowerPoint presentation, you will observe a discussion between: an experienced developer, an unforgiving businessman in charge of IT and a visionary technology innovator. On your behalf, they will battle out their differing points of view and leave you with useful guidance on ways to handle this very important issue that will affect your job, work and future. Oh, and we hope this session is unlikely to be boring.

There is also an updated sessions on the FABRIQ (ARC405, with Arvindra Sehmi) and even a hands-on lab where you can play with the FABRIQ yourself (ARC-IL01, led by newtelligence instructors Achim Oellers and Jörg Freiberger).