Messaging with Windows Azure Service Bus

Windows Azure Service Bus offers a rich set of messaging capabilities in the cloud as well as on-premises. This session discusses some of the advanced messaging capabilities in Service Bus. Join us to learn about publish-subscribe patterns, Using the Service Bus sessions, interoperability with AMQP, scaling with Service Bus, and messaging strategies for server to cloud federation. >> Channel 9

Connected Clients and Continuous Services with Windows Azure Service Bus

Most applications today involve “connected clients”—smart phones, tablets and special-purpose devices—that extend the applications’ reach out to users or assets that can be located anywhere. In this session, we will explore the common messaging challenges associated with building such apps—including mobile user engagement, location transparency/addressability, integrating with a diverse set of client platforms, and providing a common model for client auth. Taking these challenges one-by-one, we will delve into the rich options provided by the Azure Service Bus for building “connected clients" >> Channel 9