On cool aspect about TechEd Amsterdam is that it is essentially a home game for newtelligence in terms of proximity to home-base and it’s one of the very few conferences that I can drive to (I’ve spent way too much time in airports and on planes this recent half year). Saturday it took me just 1:50h to get here from my place near Düsseldorf.

Part of the fun is of course that a good part of the trip is on the not-too-busy German A3 Autobahn and therefore I could drive at a reasonable speed ;-)


Of course the real street fun sort of ends once you hit the Netherlands, but at least there were no traffic jams all the way into Amsterdam

Final approach; the RAI conference center is in sight:

Once I got to the hotel close to the RAI, my friend Goksin Bakir (Microsoft Regional Director for the Middle-East & Africa Region) and I immediately headed out for some drinks:

… and went to watch the Holland vs. Sweden game in some bar amongst the locals:


Amsterdam will be great fun. :-)