This is my first TechEd! - as a Microsoft employee. It's of course not my first tech event in my new job (Egypt, Jordan, UK, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Las Vegas/USA, Slovenia, and Israel are on the year-to-date list - on top of three long-distance commutes to Redmond), but the big TechEds are always special. It'll be fun. Come by the Connected Systems area in the exhibition hall and find me to chat if you are here in Boston.

Frankly, I didn't expect a Sunday night keynote to be nearly as well attended as it was, but it looks that experiment mostly worked. The theme of the keynote were Microsoft's 4 Core Promises for IT Pros and Developers nicely wrapped into a video story based on the TV show "24" and with that show's IT superwoman Chloe O'Brian (actress Mary Lynn Rajskub) up on stage with Bob Muglia (our team's VP far up above in my chain of command), who acted as the MC for the show. Finally we got an apology from a Hollywood character for all the IT idiocy the put up on screen. Thanks, Chloe.

Our team has a lot of very cool stuff to talk about at this show. The first highlight is John Justice's WCF Intro talk (Session CON208, Room 157ABC) today at 5:00pm with a "meet the team" panel Q&A session at the end. Block the time.