In the 5 years I've been "newtelligent" I have never been *really* late to an event. Not a single time. Admittedly,

  • I've been an hour late to a talk in Kuala Lumpur because the schedule I received was wrong,
  • I arrived in Vienna "just in time" and still intoxicated after missing the planned 05:20 (AM!) connection from Istanbul after a serious party night and being able to rebook to a later flight after rushing to the airport and still surrounded by a complete haze and only got to the venue about 5 minutes too late because the taxi driver didn't know where to go (I can't remember any content of the first session that day, but the attendees loved it),
  • I got stuck in Heathrow one night due to bad weather on a connection to Dublin, but with an early enough connection to make it to the event in the morning.

And now ... on the very last event I am doing for newtelligence I got stranded in a hotel room at the Munich Airport and can't get to Istanbul for a workshop that's supposed to start at 9:30AM tomorrow. Istanbul is snowed in. Next opportunity to get out there is at 11AM tomorrow. Hope that works.

[Update: It did work, even though with an hour delay. In Istanbul, the chaos continued. 15-25 cm of snow per day in a city where "winter tires" are a rather unknown phenomenon are a bit problematic. I love Istanbul, but I am very happy to be back home this time.]