Steve in the house

Steve Swartz and myself have been preparing our "Scalable Applications" tour over the last three days, and in between things we spent some time at Patricia's and my families' houses for holiday lunches and afternoon coffee, opened the BBQ season on our balcony, watched the sunset at Düsseldorf's Rhein riverside over some Alt-beers and are now getting ready for travel. Tuesday we'll speak in Warsaw, Thursday in Bucarest, Friday in Moscow and next week we'll be in Oslo (Monday), Copenhagen (Tuesday), Paris (Wednesday) and Lisbon (Friday). Just in time for this tour, Steve has now set up his own blog at gotdotnet and we're planning to write about the tour here and over there as we go along. 

Update: You can download our slide decks from (under "Scalable Apps Tour"). Mind that PPTs only tell half of the story, of course. A bag of binaries and sample code should be there Tuesday, the latest.