Anyone using the .NET Service Bus should take a good look at the SocketShifter project started by Rob Blackwell and Richard Prodger from AWS in the UK. AWS stands for Active Web Solutions, not for the "other" AWS. The full project is up on Codeplex.

What makes SocketShifter significant is that it takes the network abstraction of SOAP, WS-Addressing, and the Service Bus full circle and layers the very bottom of that stack - plain TCP connections - as a virtualization on top of the the stack. In other words: SocketShifter allows you to create full-fidelity, bi-directional socket connections through the .NET Service Bus.

We've created something very similar to SocketShifter last year (we're using it for a few internal purposes), but haven't made it public so far. I'm glad that the AWS folks built this, so that you get to play with it.