I've posted the current WCF Training Providers list on wcf.netfx3.com this weekend. All of these folks are running custom-built training classes for WCF and until we here at MS come out with the "official" Microsoft Official Curriculum" for WCF and the other .NET Framework 3.0 technologies (which will take several months from when Vista ships), these offerings are indeed our preferred option for you to get WCF training.

One event that I'll personally highlight and happily and shamelessly advertise is a cooperation by my ex-firm newtelligence and my friends at IDesign, because it's coming up very soon. One of the coolest aspect of that class is that it is scheduled to take place in Europe's #1 vacation spot Mallorca, which means that cheap flights should be available from anywhere and the weather is nice, too. Registration is open and my understanding is that it closes this week! I wish I could go.