I wish I was at VSLive! in San Francisco to hang out with all of my friends. Instead (and that isn’t too bad, either), I am sitting in my hotel room at the Warsaw Marriott watching the sun rise over the Polish capital. Today and the next two days, my partner Achim Oellers and myself will be teaching a class on service orientation principles, explaining fundamental ideas, patterns, techniques and will go through a lot of concrete implementation guidance for today’s Microsoft MSMQ/WSE/ASMX/ES stack so that our customers can start writing services today. The fundamental principles about data contracts, message contracts and service contracts that we teach will carry forward to Indigo – along with a lot of the implementation techniques (and the resulting source code) that we will suggest. Of course, that has been a bit of a hidden agenda in past workshops, because I couldn’t openly speak about anything that happened to Indigo past PDC03, but now that the Indigo day at VSLive! is over, I can. That makes it even more fun.