Here’s a (incomplete) snapshot of what’s out there in terms of material for the new Service Bus CTP:

  • First read the release notes where we provide a summary of what’s new and what changed and also point out some areas of caution on parallel installs of the CTP and production SDKs.  
  • You can get the SDK bits from here. Get the right set of binaries for your machine (x64 or x86) and the right set of samples (CS or VB) and definitely get the user guide. We will have a NuGet package shortly that will allow you integrating the Service bus assembly and all necessary config incantations straight into your apps without even having the SDK on your machine.
  • The reference docs are located here. This is a CTP and the documentation is likewise in CTP state, so there are some gaps that we try to fill.
  • My introduction to the CTP is on the new AppFabric blog here.
  • At the same location you’ll find David Ingham’s primer on Queues.
  • My TechEd talk on the new features is now posted on Channel 9.
  • We have a video series providing high-level overviews on Service Bus.
  • Neudesic’s Rick Garibay provides a community insider’s perspective on the new features. Matt Davey also likes what he sees.
  • The forums. Go there for questions or suggestions.

There’s more on the way. Let me know if you write a blog post about what you find out so I can link to it.