One thing that’s still on my list of things to add to the Mail-To-Weblog support of dasBlog is support for SMS and MMS blogging. Because SMS and MMS e-mails routed through the mobile phone carrier’s E-Mail gateways often seem have varying whacky formatting added to them either by the phone itself or by the carrier (like weird subject lines), I need to have a set of samples to figure out how to support this best.

If you have E-Mail via SMS/MMS enabled for your phone and are willing to make a small donation to the dasBlog project by sending one E-Mail to me, you could help me getting this feature right. The E-Mail should have the subject “DasBlog:SMS” or “DasBlog:MMS” (if your phone permits that) and the text body should contain the mobile carrier name, phone manufacturer name and model number. Of course, MMS is where the real fun is and what I want to support fully.

Once we’ve got support for inbound SMS/MMS blogging, I intend to support WAP and cHTML support as well as a special set of templates and entry points for small form factor browsers like PocketPC in the following version.

E-Mails should go to