I am slowly getting out of a very, very long period of "working too much". In the last 3 1/2 weeks I worked pretty much for 18 hours every day in order to get a fairly large service oriented application done (sharing the workload with my newtelligence partner Achim Oellers). The stats: 13 services, about 20 portTypes, 1.6 MB of C# code, 10 SQL Server databases (autonomy!), countless stored procedures. We have duplex (one-way with reply path), simplex (one-way) and request/response communication paths, use ObjectPooling, Just In Time Activation, Role Based Security, Compensating Resource Managers, Process Initialization, Automatic Transactions, Service Domains, Run-As-Service, and Loosely Coupled Events from Enterprise Services, we use several features from ASP.NET Web Services, we use quite a bit of the Web Service Enhancements Tools, have full instrumentation with Eventlog support an Performance Counters, have deployment tools that create domain accounts, elevate their privileges and configure all the security settings to run a service in "locked down" mode, and use SQL Server Replication. The core services were supposed to ship yesterday and we made that date.

Now I need to work on the backlog. I am late on delivering some PowerPoint decks. I have a 12 hour travel day today. That means writing PPTs on the plane.