My grand boss ... if someone had told me this a year back ... but it turns out that it is a great blessing ... anyways .... My grand boss, the magnificient Doug Purdy points to our best kept secret: You can actually do Remoting-style distributed objects with WCF as Sowmy and Michael explain.

Update: Tomas Restrepo asks why that is good. Let me clarify: I think the transparent, distributed objects way of doing things is very problematic, but there are some scenarios where they are a feasible solution and there are migration scenarios where you don't have much of a choice. As a platform provider, we have a mainstream path (SO) that we prefer and that's represented in our turnkey scenarios, but we cannot and will not be as dogmatic as to shut the door on different architecture styles. We don't do that on REST/POX on one side and we don't do that on distributed objects on the other side of the spectrum.