Public revenge. #1 in Germany's mainstream music-charts is "Der Steuersong", performed by an imitator of Gerhard Schröder (Video links 1 2). "You elected me, now you won't get rid of me, we'll raise the taxes and get all money out of your pockets that we can." The Schröder administration will raise taxes and compulsory social insurances fees across the board to counter a "sudden" dramatic drop in tax income for 2002/2003 (>€30bn) that they claim didn't know about before this year's elections. And that in one of the worst economical situations in German post-war history. There's going to be a parliamentary commission investigating whether the administration intentionally lied to the people. All that on top of the administration's embarrassing foreign policy and diplomacy. Many people regret their votes. Better start thinking earlier. Thanks :(