After Stephen Forte, who heroically tries to get dasBlog to run on the 1.0 Framework, came back to me with “it’s very slow”, I spent a little time profiling and investigating and it turns out that showing the comment count for every entry is a big problem because of the internal file structure of the underlying BlogX store (it puts comments into an extra file). For the next build, there is going to be a config switch to turn rendering the comment counters on and they will be off by default. We’re talking about a 200%-300% perf gain for the respective execution path on my machine here, so this is a significant improvement. What I also switched off for good (unless anybody complains, in which case it may become switchable) is the ability to include ASP.NET controls straight into the templates, because there is a macro that allows you to pull in web user controls and this should do the job well enough, because the template by themselves allow no additional control over the controls you could inject.