The Microsoft Developer Days 2004 in Den Haag (The Hague) were a great event. Not so much fun was going there (the train from Utrecht was split in two trains on the way and I ended up in Rotterdam instead of Den Haag at first) and getting back (the train from Venlo to Düsseldorf simply didn't go because of "technical difficulties" so I had to take a rather expensive cab home). 

I've had lots of interesting discussions and the result of one was that I might be speaking at the SDGN's CttM conference. I'll definitely be back for the second run of the Architect's Forum in Zeewolde in March 29th.  

De SDGN heft gezegt dat ik nu moet genoeg Nederlands lere omdat ik mij CttM presentatie in de Nederlandse taal kan doen, maar ik weet niet of ze bereid zijn om mij zovel tijd voor een presentatie te geve zo dat ik ook lang genoeg voor iede enkele woord kan zoeke. :)     

My talk on Indigo apparently went well for the audience and one of my fellow RDs even said that he learned more about Indigo in my talk than at the PDC (that's because I consolidated the PDC slides and therefore have it "all at once"), but personally I was a bit unhappy with it. Didn't flow right. Two slides too much, one slide missing (I need to explain "Dialogs"). This will be fixed for the next stop in Oslo on Monday.