"Power Lunch with Don Box and Friends"

As said before, I got invited to a fun lunch panel discussion with Don, Yasser Shohoud, and Steve Swartz. We chatted about 45 minutes about things we all like and dislike about the .NET Framework as it ships today, about XML and SOAP standards, how to build Web Services "right" in .NET, about the unfortunate split between infrastructures for Remoting, Enterprise Services and ASMX and plenty other little things.

Quote of the day:

  • Don: "So, Steve, is COM dead?"
  • Steve: "There's a time when you are growing up and everything is exciting at the time. There's always new things, new stuff to look at, it's all cool. And then at some point you're grown up and it's not that you die when you're a grownup, right? So, COM is a grownup now. It just lives."