So, (t)here it is. And even a day early. I uploaded newtelligence dasBlog 1.0.3210.0

There’s a GotDotNet workspace where you can get the installers (one for a Website and one for the source) or get all source code using the GDN source control “applet” or the VS.NET plug-in.

The files are also available at in the Download section, but GotDotNet is a better choice for bandwidth (for you and for us). If you want to build the source code, you need Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Make sure you read the instructions of the web-install and read the docs that are already there and specifically the docs on the installation steps.

BlogX users should have it very easy to upgrade. Use the web-installer to create a new site on your local machine and drop your existing siteConfig and content directories into the new installation. The siteConfig only needs one new entry in that case: You need to add a <BinariesDir>content/binary/</BinariesDir> tag. The installer should create the necessary subdirectory already. Once the site runs (the setup steps are exactly identical, otherwise and therefore it should) and you’re happy with the templates and all, you can copy the whole stuff over to your existing site and you’re set.

Radio Users will have to fiddle around a bit and poke around in the web.config (see the UrlMapper config section) and look at a previous post to help their hyperlinks to follow them to a new site. Between then and now I made an update that will not only redirect the hyperlinks but also the referrers and I’ll post something about that on the site these days. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out looking at the UrlMapper config if you are Regex savvy.

However, starting with the content and setting up a replacement for Radio is very easy if you told Radio to make “XML backups” of you data. The command line tool (DasBlogRadioImport.exe) that is included with the source setup and about the only set of files that made it over alive from BlogX, allows you take all the content with you:

dasblogradioimport /from:"c:\program files\radio userland\backups\weblogArchive\posts" /to:c:\temp\radionew

The target directory, which must exist before you run this, will contain a complete content directory that you can simply drop into your new site.

I am not sure about switching from other tools, but since you have a MovebleType/Blogger/MetaWeblog API endpoint sitting at /yoursite/blogger.aspx, some tool may be able to make sense out of that for import/export. I have successfully tested w.bloggar, Zempt and blogBuddy with dasBlog. However, nothing beats Outlook for blogging.