Longhorn Developer Preview events all over Europe. I collected the event pages for you so you can register. The days in boldface are those on which I am speaking.

The Hague, The Netherlands: Developer Days 2004; Wednesday and Thursday, 21st/22nd January

Copenhagen, Denmark: Longhorn Developer Preview; Tuesday, 27th January

Helsinki, Finland: Longhorn Developer Preview; Wednesday, 28th January

Geneva, Switzerland: Developer Days 2004; Wednesday and Thursday, 28th/29th January

Budapest, Hungary: Longhorn Developer Preview; Friday, 30th January

Warsaw, Poland: Developer Days 2004; Monday and Tuesday, 2nd/3rd February

Portoroz, Slovenia: Developer Days 2004; Tuesday and Wednesday, 3rd/4th February

Dublin, Ireland:  Longhorn Developer Preview; Tuesday, 10th February

There are also events scheduled in Portugal (Feb 9), Spain (Feb 3), Croatia (Feb 5) and Italy (Feb 6), but I have yet to find the pages.