Maximum travel -- This past week

This week was a crazy travel week and I can't wait to be back home tonight. It's a miracle that I still have my bag and didn't miss any connections and everything worked out. Here's a brief summary of the travel ordeal:

  • Sunday afternoon: Drove from Meerbusch (Düsseldorf) to Frankfurt (2 hrs) for the first stop on the German roadshow with Jörg. Jörg took my car from there to Munich for another event.
  • Monday: Frankfurt event, went to the aiport in the afternoon to catch a flight to Oslo for the Norwegian Developer Days.
  • Tuesday: Oslo event, then to the airport to catch a 1845 flight to Frankfurt, got into Frankfurt with a 30 minute delay into the "B" gates, with my connection to Venice already boarding for 10 minutes in the "A" gates. Frankfurt is big. Ran from "B" to "A" an got to the gate just before they were closing the doors. Of course, the Venice flight ended up being in line for takeoff about 30 minutes. Got into Venice late (and miraculously still got my bag) and made it to the rental car booth about 5 minutes before the lady there would have closed shop. Got a car and drove to Trieste and then on to Portoroz in Slovenia. Got into the hotel at 0200.
  • Wednesday: Slovenian event
  • Thursday: Got up at 0500, got into the car at 0530 and drove back to Trieste airport (which isn't called Trieste Airport). Caught an 0820 plane to Munich, got there at 0930, got into a cab and was at the event location for the Munich stop of the German launch 20 minutes before my talk was due to start. At 1815 got into a cab to the aiport, boarded at 1950 for a flight to Berlin. Arrived at the hotel at around 2200
  • Friday: Berlin event, tonight at around 2000 going home to Düsseldorf. I'll be using the 19th and last flight coupon of the ticket that I had on me in the last three weeks, Scalable Applications Tour included. Next week: next ticket.

That much on "all this travel must be great fun". Being at events and talking to developers and architects is great fun, the travel part isn't, really.